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About Nikita

Nikita is a Spiritual Guide, Author, Living Wisdom Coach, Breathwork facilitator and Teacher of Conscious Living. Her work focuses on what it means to be a; Conscious Human Being. Nikita focuses her wisdom and guidance on Consciousness training, with the intention of assisting people to become Self Aware, Self Reflective, Self Realized; to uncover & embody their Magnificent Divine Potential.

Nikita offers wisdom in support of Humanities Awakening through programs, e-courses, guided Breathwork & Meditations, Spiritual & Life Coaching, online video series, daily Mantras, retreats & events, tele-conference calls and sacred & intentional gatherings.

Nikita is an Ordained Peace Minister through the ‘Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking‘ and has a Masters in Divinity. She has been involved with Consciousness studies and Spiritual & Personal transformation work since her teenage years in the 1980’s.

Born in Australia, Nikita currently lives in Oregon in the USA with her Beloved partner and their canine companion Simba.

Spiritual Teacher & Facilitator

As a Facilitator of Evolutionary Consciousness, Nikita focuses on supporting personal awakening and embracing & living your Magnificent Divine Potential.

Nikita is also a Spiritual Coach and offers coaching programs that support ‘Conscious & Sacred Living’. She has been involved in the Spiritual teaching of over 600 students in the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking and been the Spiritual coach and guide to over 100 clients from all around the world.

Nikita has facilitated retreats, sacred circles, group discussions, authentic wisdom sharing and supported the birth and growth of Conscious Communities.

Nikita has organized and co-facilitated events and retreats in the USA, Australia & New Zealand.

Nikita is co-founder & co-Director of ‘The One Song Project’: & Founder & Director of ‘Beloved World’ –

For more information on Nikita go to:

Creating Conscious Self, Conscious Communities
and a Conscious World.

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  1. November 3, 2009 5:50 am

    love you sister and hope for wonderful discoveries for the heart and soul on your sacred journey home ….

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