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A Step Forward Into HEALTH

March 23, 2010

My Guru once told me, that to reach spiritual freedom & awakening, ‘Health Freedom’ &  the health of the physical body was an essential step on the path of personal liberation.

So as I look at humanity as a whole, as an evolving species than Health, Health Care and new forms of healing and pathways to physical wellbeing are essential to this.

Its been fascinating & sometimes frustrating to watch the ‘game’ & ulterior motives involved with Health Care reform over this last year in the USA. Some on the right think it’s too extreme and are being presented with alot of mis-truths for selfish gain and some on the left think it doesn’t go far enough. Many on both sides, in their own ways, opposing even a step forward into a higher quality of Heath Care in the US.


I like to think of this health care reform like my first real intimate relationship, it took a long time for it to arrive, it had some things I liked, it had alot that could be improved, at times it felt limiting and that it couldn’t take me as far as I wanted to go. At times I loved it and it was a saving grace to my life and at times it fell short of my ‘dreams’ , but it was a beginning!

It was this beginning that offered me so much & gave me many lessons and areas of growth and learning. It helped me see myself more clearly, to see what wasn’t working within me, within the relationship and it challenged and called me to heal, grow and open to new ways of being in a relationship that felt more in alignment with my heart, my knowing, and my truth.

It was a doorway, an essential step on the path of growing & evolving to finally allow a sacred conscious relationship in my life and even this relationship, in all is glory continually offers me growth, change, bliss, challenge, expansion & the path to more brilliance.

What if this health care reform is very much like this relationship?
What if it is not the be all & end all but a beginning, a step towards the intention and creation of good quality health care for all. A step towards having what serves the good of the people override the fears, control, greed & manipulation of the few.

I pray that today as this bill is signed into law that it acts as a step forward towards good quality, affordable health care for all. And may our understanding of what ‘Health Care’ means continue to evolve. For I believe there is much still to be understood, included & implementation in regards to what true ‘Health Care’ is;  what is truly need for the highest health care of the Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit.

May we each remember to not give up on our dreams for what is possible for health care in this country and in the world and continue in our own ways to step towards this? Lasting change does not always happen over night, it happens step by step. To arrive at our ultimate vision of health care it is like planting a forest, it takes some planting, some growing, some time, some clear intentions and some work.  So let’s start here today together and continue to call, pray, intend and act to make affordable health care, including ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and health for the Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit be now available for all!

Lets take this step FORWARD together and recognize that this is a beginning towards a greater path & quality of heath for all people in the United States of America.

Today is a Beginning!
Today is a step forward into our individual & collective HEALTH!

For more information on the Health Care reform & what it means for you go to:


Nikita Gearing

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  1. Grateful permalink
    March 24, 2010 7:32 am

    This made my day. I too have been overwhelmed by the media and politics over the health care debate. Your words and reflections are spot on. Thank you.

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