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Prayer & Intentions for the people of Haiti. Be Part of the Solution!

January 27, 2010

“We need Help & Prayers.”
This was the quote I read recently in a local paper, a quote from someone in Haiti.

As a global Community what can we offer, how can we assist?
How do we each choose to respond to the call for help by so many?

We can assist by donating money and supplies to those in need, we can assist through offering our time in setting up/participating in benefit events (many of us already having done both). We can also powerfully assist through our Prayers, our Conscious Intentions, our Presence, our prayerful focus and visualization.  This is what I want to offer here, a Prayerful Intention for all those affected in Haiti.

TO VIEW & READ THE PRAYER ~ click here

Download Page 1 ~ click here
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**When downloading & sharing this prayer we simply ask that you please keep it in its original format with the Authors name and website included. Thank you.

I encourage you to create some time to offer your Prayers & Conscious Intentions for all those in Haiti and all those assisting. Gather with your family and Community and offer your prayers, your songs, your dances, your art with the intention of assisting and uplifting the experience in Haiti.

Gandhi reminds us ‘Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action’.

What do you choose to create for our Sisters & Brothers in Haiti?
They expect it could take up to 10 years for the people and country of Haiti to recover and rebuild. Our PRAYERS, CONSCIOUS INTENTIONS and PRESENCE is and will be very needed and beneficial to assist our Sisters and Brothers of Haiti. I call to you to find your own way to send your intentions to Haiti; to pray, intend, visualize, feel, chant, tone, sing, dance, meditate or simply be still; however you feel inspired focus on the outcome and solutions you choose for those in Haiti and see this happening now!

Being grateful for the blessings in your life can help those in Haiti!
As you move throughout your day I encourage you to stop and take a moment to observe the gifts you have in your life, it can be as simple as, a hot shower with clean water; a safe, comfortable home to live in; food on your table; fresh clean water to drink; medical/health assistance when you need it; moments of love and laughter with your family & friends. As you experience the gifts of your life take a moment to give gratitude for these blessings, as simple as they may seem. Feel what it feels like to have these in your life, give gratitude and then send this ‘feeling’ with your gratitude for this experience to all those in Haiti. See & feel them now having the same blessings that you have. See them with fresh clean drinking water, with hot showers in a clean environment, with safe comfortable shelter, medical aid & support, schools for their children, family & friends gathered together peacefully and joyously. As you offer this prayer include the intention that all unfolds ‘in alignment with the Highest Good’ of all people in Haiti.

As we feel & give gratitude for all that we have in our lives, we can also offer this energy as a prayer of conscious manifestation in support of the people of  Haiti.


Please take a moment to watch this video as those in Haiti sing & pray for the Earth to be still, for their bodies to heal & for help to come soon!

Watch & then EXPRESS your Prayers & Songs of support & intention for our Sisters & Brothers of Haiti.

Video from
“Nico Jolliet visits another camp that has not yet been visited by relief workers, Carefour Les Brosse, to film them singing at night, telling the earth to be still. Read the associated blog post at:”

Other ways to assist & donate
For those of us who can’t be there in person to assist we can also offer our support through money (donations) & purchasing needed supplies through a recommended organizations. On Saturday Red Cross has collect 8 millions dollars through mobile donations. It’s as simple as texting one of the participating companies.

Here are some links to assisting:
Links to organizations that are receiving donations:

Donate through the Hope for Haiti Now website:

Thanks for making a difference,

We are One People, We are One World. We Are ONE.


Nikita Gearing

All information in this post is Copyright © Nikita Gearing 2010.
All Rights Reserved.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prayer for Haiti is written by Nikita Gearing & under Copyright © Nikita Gearing 2010. You are invited to download this prayer, read it yourself & share it with others. All we ask is that you please keep it in its original format with the Authors name and website included. Thank you!

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