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Gratitude Monday’s – What are you Grateful for?

August 16, 2010

Gratitude and the practice of Gratitude is a big part of my daily life. It helps me to respond & transform to the moments that seem ‘challenging’ and it fuels the moments that are peaceful, joyful & thriving.

I find expressing my gratitude in prayer, intention, out loud, in the written word, in song ..all these ways are very power to help me magnify the energy that gratitude brings. I also find sharing what I am grateful for with my family & with my community and hearing what they are grateful for can be a powerful way we can witness each others Gratitude and magnify this energy within ourselves and our lives.

Authentic Gratitude has the power to transform, heal & create miracles, and by expressing this and witnessing this we can support this energy & the gifts that come with it to grow & thrive within ourselves & the life path that we are journeying.

I started something earlier this year that I liked to call ‘Gratitude Monday’s‘. I found that beginning my new work & creative week with Gratitude & with expressing this gratitude and hearing & feeling other peoples gratitude can be very assistive & beneficial and help us all to begin our week from a place of intentional Divine connection, conscious Presence and the Creator Energy that flows within each of us.

Together by simply expressing our own gratitude & witnessing others gratitude we can help magnify the transformative, creative & healing power of gratitude in our lives. Then

as we embrace this presence of gratitude within ourselves this can naturally ripple out into our world.


I would love to hear from you what you are grateful for today, each Monday and together may we support eachother to live a more conscious life, manifesting the lives we love & living from a place of sacred connection & our Hearts Bliss.


I look forward to hearing & witnessing your Gratitude.

In Peace,


The Gulf of Mexico – Day 107 & whats next?

August 6, 2010



With the sealing of the well and the completion of the oil flowing into the Gulf after 107 days it offers us a moment to give thanks that this oil flow into the waters of the Gulf is now stopped.

It is also easy to think that after this ‘marathon’ of daily focus that our job is done,
however now more than ever our prayers, meditations, intentions, Love and focus is needed to respond to all that is occurring as a result of this situation and the choices and actions that were made during the response and clean up.

With the well now sealed & permanently closed, other issues that have been going on behind this main focus are coming to light.

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June 3, 2010

The situation occurring in the Gulf of Mexico calls us to look at the ways we source & use energy in our lives & on our planet.

As we unite daily for the Global Prayer Wave for the Gulf of Mexico & bring our focus to how I, we can assist both in prayer, intentions, love & actions..I contemplate the whole system that has gotten us to this place, to this situation.

Its becoming clear that greed and lack of integrity, lies & deceit have played a large role in what has caused the Deep Horizons explosion & the large amount of oil that currently still pours into the Gulf.

But thats not what I want to bring attention to. Read more…

The Gulf Situation – How will we Respond?

May 7, 2010

As I witness what is occurring in the Gulf and the oil that is spilling, it is sometimes hard to find a place of peace & knowing that amidst this situation lies is a huge opportunity for growth.

Over these last weeks as I watch the oil spilling into such pristine Ocean, effecting ocean life, moving to effect life on land and effecting the people of these areas so deeply, I continually ask myself how can we make a difference? Why does it seem like many in Humanity forget or turn an unconscious eye to the preciousness of our Living Planet & how interconnected with our with our world. How precious the Oceans are & the role they play in sustaining & nourishing our very lives.

Perhaps this has occurred as a very loud wake up call to Humanity.
This situation offering us as Human’s a wake-up call towards a new sustainable way of life with our living planet. The question is – How will I respond, how will you respond, how will we/Humanity respond?

PRAYER VIGIL – 12noon daily your time –
Join us daily at 12 noon YOUR TIME for 1 minute (3-5 if your inspired) of focused silence, prayer & intention for the situation occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. Together sending healing to the Ocean, to all of life effected and calling forth that swift & sustainable solutions are now put into place to help this area recover & heal.
For more details on this Prayer/Intention Vigil go to: http://www.theglobalprayerwave.comThis vigil is an initiate of The Tone – . Read more…

A Step Forward Into HEALTH

March 23, 2010

My Guru once told me, that to reach spiritual freedom & awakening, ‘Health Freedom’ &  the health of the physical body was an essential step on the path of personal liberation.

So as I look at humanity as a whole, as an evolving species than Health, Health Care and new forms of healing and pathways to physical wellbeing are essential to this.

Its been fascinating & sometimes frustrating to watch the ‘game’ & ulterior motives involved with Health Care reform over this last year in the USA. Some on the right think it’s too extreme and are being presented with alot of mis-truths for selfish gain and some on the left think it doesn’t go far enough. Many on both sides, in their own ways, opposing even a step forward into a higher quality of Heath Care in the US.


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Prayer & Intentions for the people of Haiti. Be Part of the Solution!

January 27, 2010

“We need Help & Prayers.”
This was the quote I read recently in a local paper, a quote from someone in Haiti.

As a global Community what can we offer, how can we assist?
How do we each choose to respond to the call for help by so many?

We can assist by donating money and supplies to those in need, we can assist through offering our time in setting up/participating in benefit events (many of us already having done both). We can also powerfully assist through our Prayers, our Conscious Intentions, our Presence, our prayerful focus and visualization.  This is what I want to offer here, a Prayerful Intention for all those affected in Haiti.

TO VIEW & READ THE PRAYER ~ click here

Download Page 1 ~ click here
Download Page 2 ~ click here

**When downloading & sharing this prayer we simply ask that you please keep it in its original format with the Authors name and website included. Thank you.

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The Power of Prayer & Conscious Intention

January 12, 2010

‘Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action’. Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi

The Power of Prayer & Conscious Intention in the Modern World.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is a conversation and communication with the Divine, the Divine within you and the Divine all around you. It is an energy exchange between you and your Awakened SELF and the God/Source Consciousness that is present within all of life, the Unlimited Divine Creator.

Prayer is a sacred space where an exchange occurs between you and the Divine.

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